Welcome to SBI Australia

The Systems Biology Institute (SBI) established a node of the Institute in Australia in 2013.  This enabled the SBI to expand into the Australian scientific landscape.  The headquarters for SBI Australia are located at the Clayton campus of Monash University in Melbourne.  The node has connected Japanese and Australian research and industry partners.  It has also facilitated the sharing of scientific technology, resources and expertise.

SBI Australia has developed and supported Australian systems biology capacity through research, training and outreach.  It provides a platform to connect and promote Australian research to the international systems biology community.

In order to support systems biology research through the provision of computing power we also facilitate access to Australia’s high performance computing capacity as well as software platforms and resources.

SBI Australia welcomes interest from undergraduate and postgraduate students, postdoctoral fellows and research and industry organisations who would like to be part of this venture.

For all information about SBI Australia, please contact Silvio Tiziani or Sarah Boyd.

If you’d like us to keep you up to date with news about systems biology and SBI Australia, send an email request with your contact details to info@sbiaustralia.org.

The Systems Biology Institute Australia